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Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) have proved to be a super-efficient heating system for home owners.  The clue is in the title, a GSHP gathers its energy from the ground and an ASHP gathers it from the air. 

Now you may be asking how, when it is 0 degrees outside, can I heat my home with that.   Try not to think of temperature in the terms of hot and cold, but simply as energy, so 0 degrees is simply another measurement, it neither means cold or warm.  When outdoors is -7 degrees and snowing you can be sitting in your home toasty warm with the assurance you air source heat pump is providing all the heat you need.  Your ASHP is taking the energy that may seem cold to you, but for the heat pump its not, even at -7 it has energy it can use.

Air Source Heat Pumps


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