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New Barn House

by Snugg Systems Ltd |  13 Feb 2019

"it was great dealing with Snugg, not only did they do a great job installing the system, they’ve carried on looking after me"

The client wanted an efficient and modern heating system to match his new home.  He looked at a number of options, including oil, gas and biomass and decided that a heat pump, was the best option, not just for now but for the long term.

His previous property had an oil heating system, so he was aware and tired of having to organize deliveries as well as the price fluctuations that often left him feeling like he was being held to ransom.

Biomass had the same issues as oil, delivery storage and price fluctuations.  Gas was not an option, because of the location and cost.  He wanted a system that was both efficient, easy to use and lowered his carbon foot print.

The ground floor has underfloor heating with the second floor taking advantage of both underfloor and radiators. 

Opposite the house, there is a small paddock where we located the horizontal ground collector, providing enough energy to heat the home and all the hot water requirements.

With the heating efficiencies providing cost savings and the RHI payments, our client will have fully paid for his system within 5 years.


ClientPrivate Home Owner
Duration4 Months


Ground CollectorHorizontal Loop
Heat Pump TypeMaster Therm AQ45i
Ancillary PlantNone
Peak Heating (kW)13
Peak Cooling (kW)0
Annual Heating (kWh)32,792
Annual Cooling (kWh)0
Energy Efficiency Rating-
Coefficience or Performance3.7
Combined Performance-


£ Saving p/a2,892.25

C02 Savings

C02 t/year7.26



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