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Snugg Systems only design systems that suit our client’s needs, heating, efficiency and carbon reduction. 

Provide efficient heating systems

We only design heating and hot water systems for homes, after we have fully assessed their suitability for the technology; not all homes are suitable, and we openly tell clients why they won’t work and what would be involved to make one work. In some cases, a little updating of radiators is needed and in others re-insulation plans are required.

Reduce the energy running costs

When we design a system, tailored to your home, we outline how much it will cost to run, how much you will save and how much you will receive from the RHI (  In most cases with the RHI and energy savings our clients find themselves in the pleasant position of having paid off the installation within  7 years, the domestic RHI  payment period.

Reduce carbon emissions

Probably the most important factor in today’s environmental crises; how do we reduce our carbon and use less of the planets precious resources?  Heat pumps are one of the most efficient home heating systems available,  and with the correct design, ground source heat pumps can achieve averages of 300-400% efficiency and depending on where you are in the country air source heat pumps can average 250-350%; they not only can save you money, but can help towards saving our planet.


Refurbished Detached 3-4 Bedroom Home - GSHP Horizontal Ground Collector

  • 10kW heat pump, CoP 4, 25,000kWhrs per annum 2500 FLEQ
  • The ground will provide 7.5kW for the system, and the heat pump will use 2.5 kW from your power supply.
  • 7.5kW = free
  • 2.5kW X.14p (average electricity cost) = .35p
  • Heat pump running cost £875 per annum 
  • RHI payment £3,836.25* paid annually for 7 years
  • Carbon saved 9,731.25 kgCo2 per annum

For full information regarding the regulations and requirements for the RHI please call or refer to the government’s website:

Energy Efficient Heating


*calculated to MCS standard calculations and can differ from the EPC


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