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Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pumps (GSHP) are one of the most efficient systems to heat your home or any required heated environment.

The heat pump utilizes stored energy from the ground and converts into usable heat for your home.  It does this via a system very similar to your fridge.  When these systems are designed properly, they can generate 75%* of your heat free from the ground, the heat pump then converts this and provides you with the 100% of your heating needs.  Smart, efficient and financially pleasing.

Ground source heat pump systems gather the ground energy via two main systems, a horizontal collector and boreholes.

A horizontal collector array is a pipe system laid 1-1.5m below the surface; very much like underfloor heating looks like, but simply outside.  The heat pump then pumps water around this array gathering the energy as it goes and delivers it on its return to the heat pump.

A borehole collector works exactly the same as a horizontal, but there are boreholes drilled deep down into the ground with the pipes running down and up, gathering energy to delivery to the heat  pump.

Why are heat pumps so good?

Heat pump systems, when designed properly, provide all your heating and hot water needs, without costing the earth.  The heat pump operates by converting the energy stored in the ground into useful energy for your home.  The ground doesn’t charge you, so the heat pump gives it to you for free.  Which means that you can heat your home and only pay 25% of the cost of a 100% heating.

Our comprehensive approach to heating your home ensures our customers have the most efficient systems available.  Check out our customer comments and projects.




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