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Snugg offer services to cover all aspects of heating 

  • Energy and heating surveys
  • EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Warranty
  • Service and maintenance
  • MCS certifications
  • Government Grant – RHI (Renewable Heating Incentive)

Energy and heating surveys

If you have ever wanted to understand how your home is working and how efficient it is, we can produce a full heating and insulation report on your home, as well as an up to date EPC.  We can make suggestions on how to improve your insulation and efficiencies with your existing systems.


Using a company who knows how to design systems suitable for your home, is essential.  We pride ourselves on assessing each situation and being totally frank as to the viability of a heat pump for your home.  Not every home is suitable, and you need to be talking to a company that will be able to tell you what your situation is without prejudiced.


Our national team of engineers install heat pump systems throughout the UK, however, if you have a heating engineer you know and trust we can help them achieve your renewable goals via our Snugg Membership programme.


We look after your system with not only the manufactures warranties, but our own.

Service and Maintenance

Your local engineer who helped install your system, will be able to look after you and maintain the heat pump, especially if you are claiming the RHI.  One of the RHI stipulations is an annual ‘check-up’ and inspection; you want someone local that you know and trust. 

We keep copies of our client’s hand books, which includes all drawings of the plant room and the collectors.  Believe it or not this has proved invaluable as in the past some of our clients have lost them and have no idea where the ground array was buried.  We’re happy to send copies out.

MCS Certification

We are an MCS approved company and provide MCS certificates with all our installations. 

RHI – Renewable Heating Incentive

The RHI is a government grant that pays home owners for the heating energy produced by approved technologies such as heat pumps.  It is paid over 7 years, and in most cases these payments cover the initial installation costs.

When your system is installed and commissioned, we complete the paper work for you and ensure you are set up for your RHI payments.

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Customer Stories

Barn Conversion

"Heating a home like this was never going to be easy, but Snugg made it so easy. I never even think about the system, it runs itself"

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Detached House

"We wanted a system that would give us energy security with little to know hassle in running. Our ground source heat pump is fantastic. I cannot believe how easy it is to control and how low our bills are. The house is toasty. Best choice we could have made."

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New Build - Detached House

"I still cannot believe how cheap heating this house is. Snugg were great at laying out all the facts and figures, but I didn’t quite believe it until my first bill came in, along with my RHI payments"

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New Barn House

"it was great dealing with Snugg, not only did they do a great job installing the system, they’ve carried on looking after me"

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