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House Ecodan Heat Pump

Air and ground source heating design and installation

Ground Source Heat Pump Plant

Read about our customers' stories, how together we helped reduced energy costs and carbon

Snugg Systems has helped many home owners heat their homes, from old to new, small to large; take a look at our customer projects and see what they have to say.

New Barn House

"It was great dealing with Snugg, not only did they do a great job installing the system, they’ve carried on looking after me"
The client wanted an efficient and modern heating system to match his new home.  He looked at a number of options, including oil, gas and biomass and decided that a heat pump, was the best option, not just for now but for the long term.
His previous property had an oil heating system, so he was aware and tired of having to organise deliveries as well as the price fluctuations that often left him feeling like he was being held to ransom.
Biomass had the same issues as oil, delivery storage and price fluctuations.  Gas was not an option, because of the location and cost.  He wanted a system that was both efficient, easy to use and lowered his carbon foot print.
The ground floor has underfloor heating with the second floor taking advantage of both underfloor and radiators. 
Opposite the house, there is a small paddock where we located the horizontal ground collector, providing enough energy to heat the home and all the hot water requirements.
With the heating efficiencies providing cost savings and the RHI payments, our client will have fully paid for his system within 5 years.
Spring hall farm

Barn Conversions

"Heating a home like this was never going to be easy, but Snugg made it so easy. I never even think about the system, it runs itself"
The client wanted a system that would be flexible enough to heat an old barn and provide enough constant hot water for a large busy family. 
The ground floor has underfloor heating with the second floor taking advantage of both underfloor and radiators. 
Due to the type of building and access restrictions, the owners wanted the external ground works to be confined to a small area and completed within a tight time frame. 
We designed a borehole array consisting of 4 boreholes drilled to 50 m.  This provides all the ground energy for their home, and was completed quickly and with little mess or disruption.
Gardiner's House 4 brochure

1970s Detached Home

"We wanted to change our smelly oil boiler for something more environmentally friendly, but reducing our carbon was the most important factor. On top of the carbon saving we now don't have the oil tank, or oil deliveries and its cheaper to run. We're really happy we changed over, the children can play in the garden without the fumes, and we as parents feel we have invested in their future."
Our clients came to us for an air source heat pump system, which would heat their home and cut their carbon emissions. After we completed a full survey, we calculated the heat losses and detailed any improvements they would have to make to be eligible for the RHI. The cavity walls were already insulated and the attic re-insulated to meet the RHI standards, both these actions really helped with reducing their energy requirements.
We discussed the installation options, location, electrics, existing emitters, space for internal installation, and after looking at all the options it was decided the most cost-efficient site for the heat pump would be to place the heat pump on the concrete slab where the oil boiler was located, close to the existing central heating pipe work and electrics.  We fitted an Ecodan 8.5kW with the flow and returns running up to the old, but enlarged airing cupboard, where we had located the new unvented domestic hot water cylinder.
The house now has pressurised hot water at every tap and shower, enabling our clients to remove the noisy power showers, this negated the need for a large cold-water tank in the loft – freeing up even more space! 
Air Source Heat Pump Smugglers

Retro FIT Detached Home

"We wanted a system that would give us energy security with little to no hassle in running. Our air source heat pump is fantastic. I cannot believe how easy it is to control and we never have to wait for an oil delivery ever again. The house is toasty. The best choice we could have made."
Our clients were looking for a renewable technology that would provide them with fuel security and reduce their carbon footprint.  The side benefit was that they saved money on the running costs and received the RHI payment.  Part of the property is new and the other part  hundreds of years old and was a traditional working windmill.  Kris and David went about renovating the older part of the building and adding insulation helping to reduce the heat requirement, so much so they could heat the whole of their home and all their domestic hot water requirements with one 14kW Ecodan heat pump.
Air Source Heat Pump Windmill

Want an air or ground source heating installation to help reduce energy costs and carbon? Contact Snugg Systems to find out more

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