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Air Source heat pump fitted out

Heat pump installations in Pulborough

Our Services

We are your local MCS heat pump installation company that provide a carefully designed heat pump system for your home.  If you want to feel in safe hands with a company with the right credentials, then Snugg Systems is for you.


Locations of installations - Pulborough, Petworth, Tillington, Midhurst, Storrington, Steyning, Horsham, Billingshurst, Loxwood, Godalming, Guildford, Chichester, Alton, Winchester, Salisbury, Oxford.

  • Energy and heating surveys -detailed analysis of how much energy your house needs to keep you warm

  • Design - MCS approved design standards provides assurance 

  • Installation - Experienced, qualified heat pump engineers

  • Warranty - 5-7 years manufacturers 

  • Service and maintenance - We are local and like to look after you

  • MCS certifications - MCS certificate with every installation

  • Government Grant - Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) - £7500 with each installation. We complete all the paperwork for you

Energy and heating surveys

If you have ever wanted to understand how your home is working and how efficient it is, we can produce a full heating and insulation report on your home.  We can make suggestions on how to improve your insulation and efficiencies with your existing systems and design a new heating system.


Our team of qualified engineers install heat pumps as well as being able to fit new radiators or UFH systems.  


Using a company who knows how to design a system suitable for your home, is essential.  Heat pumps are different to traditional heating systems and so need careful design to ensure efficiencies.  Choose a company with experience and qualifications, such as MCS.


We look after your system with not only the manufactures warranties, but also our own.

Service and Maintenance

Servicing your heat pump is straight forward, just give us a call. We will locate your record, and in some cases use remote access to review the operation of the heat pump, so we can be fully prepared to get your heat pump working at its most efficient again.

MCS Certification 

We are an MCS approved company and provide MCS certificates with all our installations, for both air and ground source pumps.  It is very important to use a company that is MCS approved for design and installation.  The approval is there to protect the homeowner, and to ensure the very best standards. Only MCS approved companies have been allocated Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) accounts, meaning you can only get the grant via an approved company.

BUS - Boiler Upgrade Scheme - £7500 from the Government

As a MCS approved company we have an Ofgem BUS account, which enables us to apply and manage the Boiler Upgrade Scheme for our clients, providing funding of £7500 for each home installation. There are certain criteria homeowners must meet, such as having an EPC no older than 10 years, and not have any recommendations for roof or cavity wall insulation.  The homeowner must use an MCS approved installer, of which we are one and use MCS and BUS approved equipment.  For further information regarding the scheme go to

Find out how a heat pump installation can benefit your home. Contact Snugg Systems if you have any questions.

01798 307000

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